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We offer a complete solution for building custom indoor and outdoor  cost-effective custom signs of any sizes, any shapes and even structures to answer your customers' requests.

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Advertise your business 24/7, A well designed Sign can increase local business 20% to 70%, Make your business visible every time.

We always encourage people to come by our shop and discuss their ideas in person so that we have a clear understanding of what the ideal end result is. This way we can provide an accurate price estimate instead of just a generalized ballpark.  Once an estimate is approved, customers pay a deposit and we get to work. The process begins with an in-person scheduled creative briefing, in which the V.I.P. Fine Signs team and the customer sit down to go over the creative vision for the project and the desired outcome.

This meeting is the customer’s opportunity to bring their ideas to the table, whether it’s samples of existing marketing materials, photos found Online or in magazines, or even sketches on a piece of paper. We’ll go over all of these ideas together and will collectively come up with a creative direction.


Initial Concept Design

From there, the V.I.P. Fine Signs  will get started on an initial concept design based on the decided upon direction. This initial concept design will be presented to the customer as an electronic PDF with artwork mocked up on the customer’s specific Sign temple, or in the case of other projects, as a digital photo of the wall, furniture or other surface  showing the proposed artwork design.

Take Measurements

create a custom template specific for that project.

artwork concepts are delivered to customers on true-to-size templates

We don’t use line drawings or old school “outline” proofs.


After receiving the initial concept design, customers are allowed to request up to three rounds of revisions to the artwork. What this means is that after seeing the initial concept, the customer can then send the V.I.P. Fine Signs team an email asking for a series of changes ( “make this photo larger” or “change that text to red”). After receiving the request for revisions, the artwork will be updated accordingly and then a new proof will be sent to the customer.

The process will then repeat up to two more times, meaning the customer can make another set of revision requests, receive a new concept, and make a final set of requests, all without incurring any additional design charges. In our experience, artwork tends to be finalized by the second round of revisions at the latest, rarely does it need all three rounds.  In the event that more rounds of revisions are necessary,   V.I.P. Fine Signs  will work with the customer to come up with a fair rate for added design time.


Schedule a Date For Installation.

Upon approving the artwork design, V.I.P. Fine Signs will work with the customer to schedule a date for installation. On the day of the installation appointment, V.I.P. Fine Signs  will double check all measurements to ensure optimal graphic fit and get started on the Production process.:

Signs come in all different shapes & sizes.

Signs available in a variety of styles & finishes Truly, the possibilities are endless.

Advertising your business with a Sign its one of the best ways to make your business grow.

A well designed Advertise Sign  can increase local business 20% to 70%.


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Our main focus is on learning and continued education so that we can offer our  expertise in some of the most complex areas encountered in Sign Production as well as installation of  graphics.


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